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We are here to help our customers

Car parts suppliers are two-a-penny, many are only interested in making a sale and thats where their interest ends. However we are different, we are not here to make a fast buck. We have a long history going back 50 plus years, if we want to survive for another fifty we know we will have to look after our customers and stand out from the crowd. We care about the customer first and foremost  and not the sale we are making.

Our philosophy is simple....   Look after you, the customer and the sales will look after themselves  

We will not sell you something that you don't need. Sadly the motor trade in general has a poor reputation which is very unfair as there are good and bad in all industries. If you come to us to purchase, 'shall we say' a car battery or similar we would prefer you came in your vehicle, that way we can test your battery and be sure you are buying the correct item. In addition we can check your vehicles charging system to see if your battery is being re-charged, your battery could appear to be faulty simply because of an alternator drive belt problem or you might actually need an alternator as opposed to a battery, all checks & tests are carried out FREE of charge. You don't want to spend your hard earned cash on something you don't need. If we look after you today we hope you will remember us tomorrow. A happy customer stays a customer

 It's all about building a strong and long lasting relationship.


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