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These are some of the items we stock. Please contact us regarding other products not shown in this section

 Forte additives & treatments are without doubt the best you can buy, don't take our word for it, Google the name and read what the professionals say. These products actually work. We have customers tell us that their vehicle has been transformed after using a Forte treatment. The products will not repair or mend a faulty or broken engine but it will cleanse EGR valves, Injector systems, and help prevent DPF & Turbo problems. There are a host of Forte products to keep your engine in tip top condition

This is a true story and it has happened twice.


A customer failed his MOT due to exhaust emissions, the MOT tester told him to come to us buy a Forte diesel fuel system treatment add it to his fuel tank, drive for 5 miles and come back to the MOT station, on his return his car passed the emission test. This story is absolutely true 

To cater for all our customers we also stock the traditional proven treatments that have been around for years

Millers have been blending oils since 1887

John Watson Miller purchased an oil company in 1887 for £265. It became & remains a market leader in advanced oils and fuel system treatments. They supply a huge sector around the world including, Automotive, Motorsport, Classic vehicles, Agricultural and heavy Commercial vehicles. They are recipients of the Queens Award for Enterprise. Their Nanodrive Motor Sport Oils are the most advanced motorsport oils available. We have been selling their products for over 20 years, they have been producing oils for 133 years.

The majority of our customers will use nothing else

Oils perfected through time

Out of stock of these two

Adblue is a mixture of a manmade Urea & De-ionised Water, it has to be used in modern diesel vehicles. it is injected into the exhaust gases. At high temperature it converts harmful Nitrogen Oxide into harmless Nitrogen & Water resulting in cleaner emissions. If your Adblue reservoir is empty your vehicle will not start.


Water & petrol do not mix. When water gets into the fuel system water droplets block the smooth flow of fuel and interrupt performance causing flat spots on acceleration, lumpy tick over and misfires. Wynns Dry Fuel solves that problem, it allows water to disperse and mix with petrol, the water is then burnt with the fuel in the combustion chamber without effecting the vehicles performance. Ideal for boats or engines that are exposed to water

Another couple of brilliant products from Wynns. If you have an oil leak from your engine, automatic gearbox or power steering and the leak is from a rubber seal or a rubber gasket one of these will probably do the trick. It won't work on gaskets made of paper or anything else, it only works with rubber. When the product comes into contact with rubber there is a chemical reaction and the rubber begins to swell closing any gaps where oil could escape. It normally takes a few days to work. However if the rubber is split or damaged then the faulty item needs to be replaced.


We saw a demonstration at a Wynns sales promotional get together, they had two identical baby bottle rubber teats, one in a jar of water and the other in a jar of neat engine stop leak, the one in the stop leak was noticeably bigger than the one in water, it had been in the stop leak fluid for a month, very impressive.  

Let us help and advise you with all your motoring related problems

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