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A Brief History

Kenlee was opened in 1973 by (you guessed it) Ken and Lee. At the time they had a Car Sales showroom at Gallows Corner (which is now TDI autos). But neither Ken or Lee could deal with the boredom of waiting for potential customers. As much as they enjoyed the buzz of the motor trade they needed something to keep their brains active, the dartboard wasn't doing it. Then through a friend, (Ernie Brunt) they stumbled on a tiny lock up shop in North Street at a very affordable rent of £20 a week, the car spares business was an unknown to them but it had to be better than throwing darts at a picture of Ted Heath the then Prime Minister. They took the shop and started selling car parts, Lee worked there one week and Ken the next and they learnt the fundamentals the hard way. Their first weeks takings were a meagre £113 but from little acorns Oak Trees grow. Here's food for thought, today one Xenon DSF headlight bulb costs £245 from a Vauxhall dealership (cheaper at Kenlee of course) the cost of one bulb dwarfing their first weeks turnover. They ran the two business's side by side for a few months until the shop needed both of them full time. They discovered that they had one thing in common, a desire to help people. They loved a 'thank you' and a 'pat on the back' then 'all of a sudden' they were getting paid for doing what they loved doing, the car sales business was closed and the rest is history.  More than 50 years later Kenlee are still helping people and going that extra mile to deliver satisfaction. Ken has gone to that big parts shop in the sky and is probably supplying parts for Gabriels chariot.  Lee however is hanging in there but in need of a ground up restoration. 

Today the business is still owned and run by family members who are just as dedicated and understand that customer service matters more than ever in these impersonal 'buy online' times 

Old Kenlee 4.jpeg

Car sales 1970


Who is the guy in the picture?

Shop 1973

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