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Thoughts and a bit of Fun

These are the views & opinions of the founder of Kenlee who opened the business back in 1973 and not those of the current owners or staff

Listen to The Romford Song 'SWEET AS A NUT'


A catchy little number,

I knew Kenlee had arrived when this guy immortalised them in his song, we get a mention about 2 minutes into it.


  Anybody know who the singer is?

we would love to know

 Party-time at number 10

How stupid can our politician's be, they know they are always in the firing line, they have to be squeaky clean and stay out of trouble. They only did what lots of the public did and that was to break the Covid rules, Joe public can get away with it, he doesn't have political opponents watching his every move just waiting to stick the knife in or a bald headed disgruntled ex-aid waiting to pounce. I personally couldn't give a toss what they got up to in their own Time, however it concerns me that they are so thick they think they can get away with it without being caught. That is pure stupidity. It's like a member of the Royal family with an extremely recognisable face having sex with an under aged girl, it could never happen, could it?
If as much time had been spent in P
arliament sorting this countries problems as has been slagging each other off over Wine and Birthday Cake things might have improved , but Politicians are only interested in two things, Power and Themselves. We the people (me not included) go along with them by voting , none of them do what they promise, you only find this out as you get older, you look back on all the Prime Ministers that have come and gone and think, what's changed?  the answer is NOTHING! One Prime Minister got a few things right and that was Thatcher, her biggest achievement was to crush the likes of Arthur Scargill who was crippling our country, what a Pratt he was, who would call for a Coal Miners strike in the middle of Summer? Plus of course she stuffed Argentina, good old Maggy...
To finish, just let Boris get on with the job, Keir Starmer and Co should stop opposing for the sake of opposing, I know you are the opposition but that doesn't mean you have to oppose everything, stop thinking about yourself and think about our great country

Politics & Covid19

Spare a thought for poor old Boris, what a time to land the top job.

A message for Keir Starmer, you are becoming a Jeremy Corbyn tribute act, its not the right time for party political points scoring. I just wish the opposition and all the of the other power struck politicians would shut up and stop opposing just for the sake of it, help rather than hinder, and would somebody put something in that little Scottish woman's mouth to keep he quite for ten minutes. We are all in this together and on the same side when it comes to the Coronavirus. No government, no party or individual anywhere in the world has the answers yet, any member of parliament that thinks they do are delusional and should be on medication, we are in uncharted waters and learning as the weeks come and go. The public are sick to the back teeth with politicians, last year many of them would not accept the peoples brexit choice, sorry Guys & Girls and Diane Abbott, it's called democracy. Now they're squabbling over Covid 19. Most of them are inadequate, fame chasing, power seeking, expenses fiddling, rule breaking liars and misfits. All politicians from all sides should back the government in our hour of need, by all means express your opinions and ideas, and at times you will be right, but stop this constant and pathetic misconception that you know best, you don't, you are acting childlike and making yourself look stupid. Let's unite and get through this pandemic together, then you can stick your big snouts deeper in the trough, get a 1st class seat on the gravy train and milk the systems for all its worth, or as Members of Parliament would say, getting back to normal...


The Prime Minister has announced that when we are told we no longer need to wear a face covering we must continue to wear them on the back of our heads for at least 2 months, that being the only way to get our ears back to their original position & shape

 Diane Abbott purchased a new Radio, it said on the box 'built in Antenna' she called Jeremy Corbyn and he said he'd never heard of the place either... 

They have just found a pencil that Shakespeare used whilst writing, it's very valuable as it has his teeth marks on it from him chewing it, due to the teeth marks they can't make out if it's 2b or not 2b...


The Trikini

Shakespeare walks into an Inn and says to the Inn Keeper, Kind Sir, I would loveth a Tankard of your finest Ale, the Inn Keeper say's, come on Will, you know I can't serve you, you're Bard  


Somebody hacked into my computer and stole my Microsoft Office Program, whoever you are you're gonna pay, you have my word...

Did you know, you can never lose a Homing Pigeon, if it doesn't come back you have only lost a Pigeon...

Parallel lines have so much in common, it's a shame they'll never meet...

I know how you can go to a Race Track and come away with a small fortune, Go there with a big fortune...

Police are looking for a Midget Fortune Teller who shot his wife, they say there's a small medium at large...

It took me a long time to save enough money to go on a 'once in a lifetime' holiday, never again...

I submitted 10 puns to a pun contest hoping one would win, but no pun in 10 did...

They say I'm addicted & drink to much brake fluid, I told them I would have no problem stopping...

I was in the Gym the other day and this gorgeous young lady came in, I said to this huge muscley guy what machine should I use to impress her, he said try the ATM...

Last January I accidentally ate two daffodil bulbs, they said I would have to stay in hospital for a while but I should be out in the spring...

Politicians are like babies, they need changing regularly and for the same reason...


Scottish Leaders


One is a Cranky & the others a Krankie 


Alex, you naughty boy, I can't


Maggy at work

President Reagan at his best


Maggy relaxing

As we all know this man was a psychopath and a complete nutter and he did untold damage. 


However his Coronavirus advise    should be taken very seriously   


contains swearing, don't view if easily offended  


I dusted off the Guillotine

and it still work


Yes Mr Barnier, he is a 


At least we can agree on something

Don't mention the war  (sorry I mean't) Brexit

Have you noticed that people that voted to remain in the EU have lots of children, I suspect it's because they believe that pulling out won't work, that switches my attention to Boris and whether he really wanted us to leave, after totting-up the number of his offspring he doesn't like the idea either. Brexit has divided the country like no other subject, the protracted transition talks are taking forever, we should have got the English Football Team to handle them, they normally leave Europe pretty sharpish. However we're where we are and the sooner we've made the break the better. One thing the remaining EU members should be pleased about, their computer will have 1GB more space available.
  It's unfortunate that Covid 19 reared it's head as we were about to commence talks with the EU on trade and other matters, there was always going to be a period of uncertainty once we left the EU and the pandemic will add to the rough ride but it will not prevent us from becoming a highly successful nation free from the restraints that go with being a member of an organisation who's dream is to make us all one big happy family. It's desire for uniformity is bad enough but to have Merkel & Macron calling the shots is completely out of the question. Twice in the past Germany has tried to rule Europe and they're trying again but this time more subtly. Please don't get the impression that I'm anti Germany because I'm not, even after they bombed our local Fish shop. The Common Market was a fantastic idea and it should have remained just that, a diverse bunch of countries trading goods with each other, but a United States of Europe, no thank you. Once the UK has shown the way it won't be long before other EU member states reject the European Super State concept, and that's what's terrifying the EU. They are going to make it as hard as they can for the UK, to try and prove to others that you cannot prosper outside the club, but their dilemma is, they know they need a good relationship with us. 
Have I got news for them, we are going to be a hugely successful country with or without a UK-EU trade deal. There's a big wide world out there just waiting to re-connect with the United Kingdom.
The EU is made up of lots of old and extremely proud nations with hundreds of years of history, these countries don't want to lose their identities, they're not going to be diluted and lost in a Merkel-Macron controlled melting pot. They are nervous about jumping ship until they see how we do outside the block, when they realise that there's life after Merkeldom it'll be like Pentonville Prison if a warder accidentally left the gate open.
The EU leaders should take their heads out of their backsides and realise 'one size doesn't fit all" and who in their right mind wants to be part of an organisation that try's to punish a member if they contemplate leaving?
We'll soon be free to make our own way in the world, trade with whom we choose, make our own laws that best suit the British people, control our borders only allowing skilled people into the country and block pickpockets & scroungers. We have to look after our own first, our homeless, our poor, our sick and our elderly some of whom cannot afford to turn their heating on in depths of winter.
I make no apology for saying that asylum seekers and illegal immigrants are not top of my to help list. When all British people are warm, well fed, comfortable and healthy only then can we look further afield and help others        

In the meantime we should not let ourselves be pushed around By Michel Barnier & Co, we are no longer a part of Europe, we are an independent country. The EU have to understand we will happily work with them but not for them. Their fishing quota demands are a typical example of their arrogance. The government has said they can have access to our waters to fish, but on our terms not theirs, we have said we will let them fish in our waters but review quota's annually or biannually, they won't accept this, they want full unfettered access on a permanent basis. We voted to leave the EU to stop these control freaks telling us how to live our lives, who do they think they are.
But there is one downside to leaving the EU, my Christmas dinner won't be the same without Brussels 
Have faith in the UK and the British people's ability, in a few years time we'll be the envy of the world. If the SNP leader doesn't want to come on that journey and takes Scotland out of the Union, sobeit. They'll have about as much chance of success outside the Union as their leader has of winning Miss World. Once North Sea Oil has gone, and that day is just around the corner, they'll have nothing.

Scotland its a beautiful place, fantastic scenery and loverly people, it would be a crime if it were to split from the UK.

At last its done! 
On the 1st January 2021 we escaped from the grip of the EU, yes we are still tired to a few regulations but they are pretty insignificant and much like rules that would apply in any trade arrangement. The deal agreed covers the important issues, we can make our own laws, our courts have teeth, we have control of our borders and we will be getting more control over our fishing waters. We have a fair tariff & quota free trade agreement with the EU, if they are not happy and try to slap tariffs on our goods we'll slap them on theirs, but that remains to be seen. The BIG plus for us is, we can trade with the rest of the world something we could not do while we were a member of the EU, its a win - win situation almost having your cake and eating it. Once the penny dropped and the EU realised that Boris was not prepared to give ground on the UK's sovereignty and that WTO rules were looming there was a subtle change in the EU's tone, in private they had to reluctantly admit they had so much to loose without a trade deal with the UK, at this point they compromised on a number of issues and a deal was done.
We no longer have one hand tied behind our back, we will prosper, we are once again Great Britain
No other person could have done what the Prime Minister did, May and Cameron would have surrendered. It's now up to the people of this country, we'll defeat Covid 19 and then turn this country into the powerhouse it is. Although remainers will never admit it, we have just seen democracy in action, the UK got what it voted for, Brexit. Unless the EU rethink their plans for a United States of Europe they will struggle as other EU members think about jumping ship. Its not if, its when this is going to happen             


Mighty Macron


Muscles Merkel

Bash'em Boris


This Macron Merkel nose rubbing ain't natural, it seems a bit fishy to me. No way was I going to do that with either of them, that's the real reason I wanted out of Europe.

How's it for you Angela?


Who remembers Diane Abbott with non matching shoes which were also on the wrong feet. In her defence

she did claim it wasn't that unusual as she had another pair at home just like the ones she was wearing.

Had Corbyn got the top job his (alleged Ex Lover) Abbott, would have been a Government Minister.

As a minister in waiting she does interviews and hasn't got a clue, Daffy Duck could do a better job. If Labour had won the last election Diane Abbott would have been Home Secretary in charge of Counter Intelligence as boss of MI5, personally I wouldn't let her stack shelves at MFI.


How can you take our political system seriously when idiots are allowed to stand for office   

The Mayor of London

Has anybody thought that if the Mayor of London really wanted to clean up the air in the city he would simply outlaw all polluting vehicles with immediate effect. However rather than do this he'll happily accept polluting drivers into the capital providing they bung him £12.00 a visit, I suspect he's not in a hurry to see that stop. So could it be that he's more interested in money than clean air?    or is it just me?

Kenlee has a customer that runs a small delivery company, they have been forced to put themselves in debt to the tune of £35,000 to buy newer vehicles because of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). That cost has to be passed on to their customers (the public) meaning its another expense levied on the people by the Mayor, but via the back door, you're not fooling anybody Mr Khan, the sooner you're replaced the better, is there any chance you could be related to John Bercow? you have a lot in common 


Then there is the congestion charge, it cost £15 to drive into London, there is no less congestion since this charge was introduced, in fact there's more because clever cloggs has introduced miles of cycle only lanes (which are mostly empty) causing traffic to snarl-up in narrower vehicle lanes resulting in more congestion and pollution. What a clever little chap he is. Both charges (congestion & emission) are actually taxes, so why hide them behind congestion & pollution banners. But does Mr Khan care, of course not, when he's done ruining the capital they'll give him a peerage and he'll be able to pick up £300 a day just for tuning up at the House of Lords, he'll sign in and then slope off, I bet he won't arrive via a cycle lane....



What else can I do to make life in London harder for people? How about an Offensive Fart Charge Zone (OFCZ) a fiver to pass wind or a big fine, that'll help clean up the air and raise a few quid. Not sure how I'll enforce it though, perhaps we could modify some breathalysers or maybe invest in a few sniffer dogs, the dogs are probably the best option, can't see the police warming to fartalysers!. Naturally I couldn't charge all residents £5 so I'll devise an exemption scheme, if they were supporting their local Curry House the previous night we'll issue passes, a bit like Residents Parking Permits, naturally they'll be a small fee involved...


I bet I'm the first Mayor of a major city to come up with this one.


Immortality is mine


Yes, It is time to go


The Nutter from

 The Shining

R.I.P. LBC Radio

There is only one reason why you 'should' switch from LBC to another radio station, and that is James O'Brien, an obnoxious, detestable, repugnant, odious, repulsive, self-centered, rude, know-it-all lefty. There was a time when I listened to LBC everyday, but O'Brien's mouth drove me away.


I discovered Time 107.5 fm based in Romford broadcasting to East London & Essex. As a result of their pleasant and amusing presenters my blood pressure has returned to normal and I no longer want to punch my radio. Plus Kenlee advertises with them from 'time to time' so it's a win win situation.  

Jack Nicholson

 is acting


The Nutter from 


James O'Brien

 is not acting

A Legend in his own 'mind'


I am proud of Lewis Hamilton and the fact he is British and that he has done so well in F1, a sport I have followed for many years. The man is a genius behind the wheel, of course a good car helps, but if you have the whole package then you have a car/driver/team that cannot be beaten. What sets Hamilton above the rest is he can get more out of a good car than other drivers can, he is simply brilliant and in my opinion the best there has ever been, I know there are plenty that won't agree with me but results prove that he is very special and I suspect there are plenty more results to come...


But he has a big downside. I can accept his decision to become a tax exile, it's a bit of a two fingered gesture to his country but I can live with that, in his position we might all do the same. However, I cannot stomach his Holier than Thou attitude, he suddenly believes he can sort the worlds problems. He has become the proverbial pain in the arse, I dislike people that play the racist card, Dianne Abbott being another one. 

We are all aware of the problems in this world, unfortunately people like Hamilton and Abbott simply add fuel to the fire. Hamilton is a wealthy man who thinks his fame can change the world, well I have news for him, it can't and it won't. All this taking the knee, clenched fists in the air and changing the colour of his car and kit he wears is ridiculous, he is highlighting one problem and creating another. We don't need anybody telling us what to do and what to think, we are grown up and can think for ourselves. He is encouraging racialism by adorning himself with cloths and caps emblazoned with Black Lives Matter, he is making a distinction between black lives and white lives something he should avoid doing if he wants to promote harmony. He should be saying all lives matter, black and white, that's a totally different message and less inflammatory. It just goes to show that money cannot buy you a functioning brain or give you common sense, but it does give you a platform to make yourself heard and look really stupid


I never saw Lewis Hamilton as a black racing driver, it never entered my mind, I saw this fantastic British racing driver who was taking the world by storm, He brought his colour to my attention. Instead of tackling the black problem from a neutral position he has taken sides, when you choose a side you create enemies on the opposing side and that is what he has done. Just take a look at social media, 8 out of 10 comments are anti Hamilton, if he really wants to help, stop fanning the flames and put his brain in gear before opening his mouth.    


He is no Gandhi or Mother Theresa, he is a boy that's done good who thinks he can change the world. It will take more than him to solve the problem and it definitely won't be solved by kneeling down with a fist in the air, he is just glory seeking. People have to be educated but god knows how you do that... Black Lives Matter Caps and Sweat Shirt are not the answer 

To sum up

Of course Black Lives Matter but no more than White Lives. Here is an example of how bad  feelings are generated by those that believe they are doing and saying the right things when unfortunately they are not. Derby boss Wayne Rooney said it was disappointing and upsetting to hear Millwall fans boo players for taking the knee at Saturdays Championship match (5/12/2020) That's a fair and OK thing to say. If they were booing for racial reasons they were wrong, if they were booing because they have had enough of the knee and wanted the game to start it was a bit insensitive but not racist.

Former Coventry and Aston Villa striker Dion Dublin said "If they don't agree with taking the knee, it means they are racist. If they don't agree with Black Lives Matter, that says they are racist to me'  those statements are not OK. What an arrogant man, like Lewis Hamilton, Dion Dublin is creating confrontation, he should choose his words more carefully.  I personally find the act of taking the knee absurd, that's just my opinion but that dosen't make me a racist. The world has gone MAD...  

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