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Covid 19. The repercussions and Staying Safe

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, we must not relax and undo all of the good work that's been done, most of us have made sacrifices, don't throw it all away by thinking we are out of the woods, we are not. Another couple of months and we can begin to get back to the good old days, it's up to all of us to avoid another lockdown... Stay safe


Like most other business's we have suffered due to the pandemic, we are considered to be an essential supplier being there to assist NHS staff, Carers and all on the front line with their motoring problems plus small courier companies moving essential items from place to place for the NHS, we are therefore permitted to remain open in any lockdown. We have already had several months where people have not been using their vehicles and staying at home as directed by the government which has had a detrimental effect on trade, we were forced to furlough a couple of staff in the first lockdown but as soon as it was lifted they returned to work and we got back to some kind of normality, although things are far from normal and will probably be this way for the foreseeable future. Lockdown 2 has come and gone, let's hope people are sensible and avoid another one.The landscape is going to look very different when this is over, how many companies will still be trading and how many will have gone? we're living in very strange times...


We have nothing but praise for the government and the support given to businesses across the land, no doubt they could have done some things quicker or better or differently but that's easily said in hindsight. The government were and still are in uncharted waters. All Boris bashers or know it all armchair wannabes are talking rubbish, Covid 19 is in charge, the virus is dictating events, it's killing people, not the government. No other party, leader or politician could do any better, whoever happened to be in power would be 'dammed if they didn't and dammed if they did'  But just imagine the mess we would be in had Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott been at the helm, god help us all... Corbyn would probably scrap our nuclear deterrent to see if that pleased Mr Covid, and Abbott would have just about worked out what the R number means, having first thought that reproduction numbers had something to do with the lack contraception. Len McCluskey would be working the pair of them from behind and doing even more damage to our economy. Fortunately the public saw the danger and voted for Boris, I suspect many didn't want Boris but the alternative would have been armageddon. 

Certain sectors of the public have not been following the rules and have played a part in the need for a second lockdown. If they continue to dismiss the advice they are given don't be surprised if we get a third or even a fourth wave of the virus, there's no accounting for 'idiots' that think this is just another flu virus




Huge respect for our Nurses, Doctors and all Hospital staff, plus Ambulance teams, carers and everybody on the frontline, they are exposed to the virus everyday whilst doing their job something most of us would not choose to do. They are taken for granted in 'so called' normal times, now we are all indebted to them, its about time they were recognised and paid a decent wage, and while I'm on my soapbox, how come they have to pay to park their cars at their place of work, absolutely outrageous. Come on Boris, you of all people know their worth. Stop sending financial aid to China & India (who both spend millions on their own Space Programme) and many other countries who's economies are

probably bigger than ours, give the money to the above....


Staying safe


During these unprecedented times we all have to play a part. We are doing what we can to protect our Staff & Customers. Most of the time we are serving from the door, if you need to come into the shop to look for something you can, but we would ask that you wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and use the hand sanitiser thats provided. If you do not have a face mask we will supply one. We also have a shelter to keep you dry in the event of rain. We must all try to carry on as normal to help businesses survive and protect the economy but without spreading the virus, this is easer said than done.


However if we all follow the safety advice and stick to the guidelines we stand a better chance of controlling the spread. We encounter the odd moron that thinks they know best and are doing nothing to protect themselves or others, their ignorance beggars belief.

Our staff and our customers well-being are important so please help by following the rules

Our 'Free Fitting Service' remains in place but again we ask you to respect the Social Distancing Rules.  Its up to all of us to follow the guidelines and help reduce the spread of the virus 

Thanks for your understanding, stay safe 🤪 


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