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Large selection of batteries in stock

The modern car and its battery are not what they used to be. Stop-Start Technology has been around for years and is now pretty much standard on the latest cars, the system requirers a different battery than the ones we are all familiar with, and yes of course, they cost more. Some vehicles have a closed system and the vehicles onboard computer needs a code for things to work correctly after fitting a new battery. A BEM code or a Battery Energy Management code tells the cars computer that a new battery has been fitted and all previous records relating to the old battery are ignored or deleted. This is making life more difficult for the DIY car owner and its another attempt by car manufactures to get you to go to expensive main dealerships for replacement parts. However we are able to take care of this when fitting a new battery, most customers are totally unaware that they needed a code as we deal with it automatically 


99% of Batteries come with FREE fitting 

Fitting available until

10pm every day


Motorcycle Batteries 


We stock Platinum and Lincon batteries. Lincon have been manufacturing batteries since     1908 and still produce the traditional lead exposed batteries for classic car enthusiasts    

If you have any flat battery problems, we are happy to check your vehicle and advise you. There could be a number of reasons why your battery is flat. We'll do a few quick checks and tell you why. Your battery could be faulty, but there could also be another reason why it's flat. We don't want you spending your hard earned cash on something only to find you still have the original problem. You are under no obligation to buy the part you need from us, naturally we hope you will, but that is your choice. That's why we stand out from other car parts suppliers because we genuinely care about our customers.

 If we look after you we hope you will come to us everytime you need help or advice.

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