Nuts, bolts, metal washers, fibre washers, repair washers, copper washers, rubber washers, self tapping screws, O rings, cable grommets, blanking grommets, rivets, trim clips, hose clips, exhaust clamps, heater hose, brake pipe, cable ties, sand paper, wet & dry, drill bits, all types of fuses, battery cable, electrical wire, sticky pads, earth leads, body filler, glues, quick fix items, wire wool, wiring connecters, spade terminals, ring terminals  & much more to keep you on the road 

12 volt cable

Exhaust clamps all sizes

Hose clips

Battery Cable made while you wait

Heater & fuel hose

All Types

of fuses

Metal brake

pipes made

Let us help and advise you with all your motoring related problems

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