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Customer parking

We are here to help you in anyway we can, whatever the problem let us help and advise you, its what we do. If we cannot help you we'll know a person that can

 In a fix after six? 

We are open until 10pm 7 days a week

 * We do not charge to fit * 

Bulbs - Batteries - Wipers and many other items 

why pay others to fit? when we fit for FREE

Please wear a face covering and maintain social distancing to help us protect out staff and customers. If we all play our part we will soon be able to begin a return to normal

We fit free to 99% of vehicles. Please be aware that there are some vehicles that require the front bumper to be lowered or a major component to be remove to fit a headlamp bulb, we are not a garage and do not have the facilities to carry out certain jobs 

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